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Yuan (Circle) Lu is a Chinese born photographer now based in Shanghai, China. He received his master degree in photography at the School of Visual Arts. He likes to explore different techniques and apply them to the most recent project. He believes that the experience of exploring itself is an important part of creation. Currently he has been focusing on exploring new directions in shooting fashion editorials with his unique conceptual ideas.

Yuan's works were selected and exhibited in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, RAW Artist New York presents VERSE, SVA Chelsea Gallery, SVA Flatiron Gallery, and were published on ROUGE Fashionbook, ELEGANT Magazine, Volant Magazine, Create! Magazine, VOGUE Italia, ItIsWhatItIs, Ignant, and VAGA.


School of Visual Arts, Digital Photography, MPS

Fordham University School of Law, Banking Corporate & Finance Law,  LLM




Instagram: @circleluyuan


Résumé is available upon request.